Hello, and thanks for dropping in.

About this blog

This blog was originally set up as a vehicle for a presentation I made at the monthly General Meeting of the Danbury Area Computer Society (DACS).  The topic of the presentation was the basic steps for creating and maintaining a blog.

Since I have written various product reviews for the DACS publication (DACS.DOC) – mostly for freeware utilities and the like, I am using Yankee Frugality as a theme.  However I am expanding the scope to include both software and hardware as I find things that I think might be of interest to others.  If you have a suggested topic, by all means let me know.



About West Mountain Systems, Inc.

West Mountain Systems, Inc. was founded by Bruce Preston in 1994 as a consulting firm specializing in desktop-based database management solutions such as Microsoft Access.  Prior to starting West Mountain Systems, Mr. Preston had more than 20 years of database consulting experience in the multi-national corporate environment.   With the evolution of technology the company has expanded into networked, client-server applications using backend databases such as Microsoft SQL Server.

Our client base includes multi-national Fortune 500 companies, consumer products, professional services, medical services, high-tech components manufacturing, distribution, financial services, market research, telecommunications, placement, travel services, landscape architecture, marketing fulfillment, food service, real estate, security systems, conservation, insurance, public charities and even  ‘Mom & Pop’ businesses.

In addition to database design and implementation, the company also manages the design and installation of local and wide-area networks, and internet connectivity.

Although we concentrate upon the Fairfield County, Connecticut, and Westchester County, New York areas, we have successfully delivered and remotely support applications for clients in California, Nevada, Hong Kong, western Europe, and the Middle East.

and a bit about me

I was born in Detroit, Michigan, spent ‘formative years’ in Madison, NJ, and have lived in Connecticut since 1976.  I have a degree in Physics, but haven’t really made use of it.  My first computer exposure was an IBM 1620, the first of the transistor and scientific computers.  I worked for an international corporation that provided communications (X.25) and timesharing resources, my specialty was database management.   I was introduced to microcomputers in the CP/M days, and when timesharing became an obsolete technology I migrated to micro-processor based platforms.  I am fluent in K&R C, VB, VBA, FORTRAN and can read and maintain COBOL for what that’s worth.

I am married and we have one son who appears to be interested in Information Technology, as of this writing (April 2010) he is finishing freshman year at college.

I am a long-time member of the Board of Directors of the Danbury Area Computer Society ( www.dacs.org ) and have chaired their Microsoft Access SIG (Special Interest gGroup) since 1996.

Since July of 2006 I have been legally blind, but with the assistance of ZoomText magnifier/Reader I have been able to be productive out of my home-based office.