Saturday, April 10th, 2010 | Author: Bruce

Suppose you need to burn a CD or DVD but don’t have appropriate software?  If you purchased a replacement CD or DVD drive, you probably got bundled software with it.  But if you haven’t got bundled software, and don’t want to invest about $80 in a commercial product because you don’t have frequent need for burning, what do you do? One solution is to download and install DeepBurner Free (v 1.9 at time of posting)  from

This utiilty can create music or data CDs and DVDs.  Also of interest is that it can burn a CD or DVD from an ISO image rather than individual files.  If you aren’t familiar with ISO images, let me explain: It has become common to distribute software via the internet using a single downloadable file of type ISO.  This file when processed appropriately can create a bootable CD or DVD equivalent to physical mass-produced media.  Linux distributions are made using ISO files.  Recently Microsoft stopped sending physical media to members of the Partners programs and now only distributes via ISO files.

DeepBurner automatically walks you through the process of selecting content for the CD or DVD, with a simple drag-and-drop mechanism.  It also offers the options of setting up AUTORUN if desired (which is a rather complicated process if you try to do it yourself) and/or creating a label.

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